Understanding Performance Leveling

Some of the assignments on WorkStation use OneSpace’s automated Proficiency Leveling System. This system assigns you one of four proficiency levels based on your acceptance rate for specific assignments. Achieving a higher level gives you access to more work and, for certain assignments, higher pay per task.

If an assignment has Proficiency Leveling enabled, you’ll see a level indicator in the task toolbar anytime you’re working on a qualifying assignment. The indicator shows your current level and your acceptance rate for qualifying tasks.

Click the arrow next to your acceptance rate to view details about your status for that assignment’s leveling system:

  • At the top is your current level and pay per task.
  • Underneath that is your acceptance rate and the number of tasks you’ve completed at your current level.
  • You’ll also see the acceptance rate and minimum number of tasks required for promotion to the next level.
  • At the bottom is the amount per task you’ll earn when you’re promoted and a link to learn more about that assignment’s Proficiency Leveling system.

When you click “Learn More,” you’re taken to a page with more detailed information about the Proficiency Leveling System for that particular assignment.

At the top is a general overview of how the Proficiency Leveling System works and a list of any other qualifying assignments. Any tasks submitted for these qualifying assignments influence your ratings for this particular leveling program.

The section titled “Proficiency Levels” shows your current standing as well as important information about each level:

  • The first column lists the pay per task you can expect to earn at each level.
  • The second column lists the acceptance rate required to maintain each level. Falling below this percentage results in a demotion.
  • The last two columns show the acceptance rate and minimum number of tasks required for promotion from each level.

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