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You don't have to live in the United States to submit work on the WorkStation platform, but access to certain assignments can be limited to people in a particular country. Unfortunately, at this point in time, OneSpace does not support accounts originating in Kenya.
You can view your qualifications by logging into WorkStation and clicking on "My Qualifications” under "Qualifications" in the left rail navigation.
The leveling process varies depending on the assignment. Some assignments have automated performance leveling. When you work on these assignments, you're automatically promoted and demoted based on your acceptance rate and the number of tasks you submit. For projects that do not have automated performance leveling, project managers are responsible for promoting and demoting contributors.
Professional certifications are not required to submit work on WorkStation, but they may help open access to specialized assignments that require specific skills. Access to work on WorkStation is based on qualifications. In order to access a specific assignment, you must have the required qualification. Click here to learn how to earn qualifications. Note: Possessing a professional certification does not guarantee that you will be paid more for an assignment.
A reliable internet connection is a requirement to submit tasks on WorkStation. High-speed internet is recommended to ensure easy access to work at all times but is not required.
Sorry... Canceling your account is permanent; there is no way to restore a canceled account.
There are a few reasons why you might not see any assignments available for you to work on in WorkStation:
  1. You haven't earned any qualifications yet. Access to work on WorkStation requires qualifications. Use the Earn Qualifications page of WorkStation to take our skill assessments and earn access to work.
  2. You haven't verified your PayPal account. Access to work on WorkStation requires a verified PayPal account. Use the Manage Account page to manage your PayPal account.
  3. Our assignments aren't currently accepting new freelancers. We call this a "closed workforce." If an assignment has a closed workforce, only freelancers who have previously worked on the assignment have access.
  4. Your work is awaiting review. If you're a Trainee or Beginner on a particular assignment, you'll regain access to tasks once your pending work is cleared.
  5. Your access to certain assignments has been removed. Check your email and task feedback to make sure we didn't remove your access to one or more assignments.
If you have any other questions about your access to work, please email
Access to work on WorkStation is based on qualifications. In order to access a specific assignment, you must have the required qualification. Click here to learn how to earn qualifications.
No problem! Let us know if you need anything else.
Payments for work done on the OneSpace platform are issued by PayPal Payments and not by OneSpace. Therefore, due to recent changes under IRS Section 6050W, OneSpace is no longer required to provide Form 1099-MISC for payments we issue via PayPal.
PayPal Payments is the party responsible for reporting transactions that meet IRS thresholds via Form 1099-K. You’ll only receive a 1099-K if you receive over $20,000 in PayPal payments and over 200 separate payments in a calendar year.
To read more about Section 6050W, click here. To view and download your PayPal payment details for any time period, visit the Activity section of your PayPal account.
Please note: This information does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice. If you have any questions, contact your tax, legal, or other professional adviser.
Click here to access the OneSpace style guide.
Here's a general overview of how getting paid through OneSpace works:
  1. When you submit a task, that task has to be reviewed and approved before you will be paid for it. We try to review all tasks within 24 to 72 hours of submission. However, in some instances, it can take 7 to 10 business days for your work to be reviewed. During this time, the payment status will show as "Pending" in your account.
  2. Once we approve your task, the payment status will change to "Owed."
  3. The following morning at approximately 3:00 a.m. Central time, the funds will be deposited into your PayPal account. At this point, the payment status will change to "Paid."
If you’d like to read more about our payment process, check out our Payment Process Overview.
We perform scheduled maintenance on WorkStation every Monday from 4 to 6 a.m. CST. During this time, it’s possible that you'll experience errors when you try to log in, claim and submit work on WorkStation.
If you're experiencing issues outside of these hours, please email You can also check out these solutions to common technical issues.
Sorry... This is a new feature, and we're still working on improving it. If you want to talk to a human, just email
We're happy to help. Just type your question here.
Hi there! What can we help you with?
To start freelancing with OneSpace, all you need to do is go to and create an account. From there, you'll need to set up a verified PayPal account and pass our skill assessments to earn access to work.
Check out our Working With OneSpace resources for more info on how to get started.
Click here to reset your password.
Click here to learn how to view your work history with OneSpace.
Click here to learn how to earn qualifications on WorkStation.
PayPal is currently the only payment provider OneSpace supports.
If you’re sure you want to cancel your account, simply go to the Manage Account page of WorkStation, and click “Cancel Account” in the bottom righthand corner.
Please note that canceling your account is permanent; there is no way to restore a canceled account. Additionally, you cannot create a new OneSpace account with the email address, payment account or LinkedIn account associated with a canceled OneSpace account.
If there’s anything we can do to improve your experience and change your mind about canceling your account, please let us know by emailing We’re happy to help!
OneSpace has a forum that allows our freelancers to interact with one another and with internal team members. The purpose of the forum is to allow freelancers engage in discussions that benefit the workforce as a whole. If you have a personal or task-specific question, please send it to

 Click here to access the OneSpace freelancer forum. Forum participation is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.

Before you’ll be able to submit any work on WorkStation, you’ll need to connect a verified PayPal account. Verifying your identity increases trust and security between you and OneSpace. It gives us added confidence that you are who you say you are. It also helps us make sure we can pay you and that you are able to access those funds.
Click here to verify a U.S. PayPal account. You'll need to complete two of the following three steps:
  • Link and confirm your bank account.
  • Verify your credit or debit card information.
  • Provide your Social Security number.
For non-U.S. PayPal accounts, please refer to your country-specific PayPal user agreement to learn how to verify your account.
Please note that PayPal account verification can take several business days. 
Unfortunately, we aren’t issuing the Senior Copy Writer qualification at this time. We're currently in the process of establishing a firm set of requirements for earning this qualification. Once we establish these requirements, we’ll be rolling out a Senior Copy Writer qualification test.
In the meantime, if you have any questions about your qualifications, please email
When you submit work for OneSpace, you grant OneSpace full copyright control over that work. All work you submit is considered work “made-for-hire,” and OneSpace, not you, is considered the legal author. This gives OneSpace the right to modify, sell, reproduce, publish or otherwise use your work in whole or in part without restriction, obligation, notification or compensation* to you. For more details, check out our terms of service.

*You will always be paid the original agreed upon rate for any work you submit that we consider acceptable. You will not, however, be paid any additional royalties if we sell, reproduce or otherwise use that work.

There are a variety of different writing tasks available on WorkStation, including product descriptions, finance and health articles, buying guides, pop culture articles, and more. Your access to different assignments is based on your qualifications and your proficiency level.
When you create a OneSpace WorkStation account, you agree to our terms of service. These terms state that OneSpace has the discretion to terminate or suspend your WorkStation account at any time with or without notice and for any reason (or no reason). The two primary reasons accounts are terminated are: OneSpace also reserves the right to restrict your access to specific projects on WorkStation at our discretion.
Contact with any questions or concerns.
Self-plagiarism occurs when a writer submits the same or very similar content for two different tasks on WorkStation. This is also referred to as "boilerplating." OneSpace does not tolerate self-plagiarism or boilerplating; if you use similar content for multiple tasks, your work will be rejected without pay, and you may lose your access to WorkStation.
OneSpace freelancers are instructed to follow the OneSpace and AP style guides. Use the Webster's New World College Dictionary in accordance with these style guides.
Each individual is allowed to have one Workstation account. If you create more than one account, you will be suspended from Workstation and will be unable to complete any additional tasks.
Sometimes OneSpace will limit the amount of tasks a freelancer can have pending at once. This limit is called a soft block. Soft blocks are assignment-specific and are typically experienced by freelancers who have little to no experience working on an assignment. The goal of a soft block is to ensure that a new freelancer receives all necessary feedback and can make improvements before submitting a large volume of tasks.
If two people live in the same house and both want to work for OneSpace, each person can create their own WorkStation account. Do not share an account with anyone, even if that person lives in the same house as you.
There is not a minimum amount of work you're expected to do in order to have a WorkStation account. However, you must regularly submit work in order to maintain certain skill levels and qualifications. If you earn a qualification and then abandon your account, your qualification may be removed, and you will need to earn that qualification again once you decide to continue working.
Task training is offered on certain assignments to allow new freelancers to become acquainted with the instructions and expectations. If an assignment has task training enabled, you will see a small graduation cap icon by its name on the Find Work page of WorkStation.


If you are in training for an assignment, OneSpace will limit the amount of tasks you can have pending at once. This limit is assignment-specific and ensures you receive all necessary feedback and can make improvements before submitting a large volume of tasks.

Once you reach the minimum acceptance rate that's required for promotion, you'll graduate from Trainee to  Beginner. The criteria for promotion varies by assignment and is based on the subjectivity and difficulty of the work required. To learn more about task training, click here.

When you sign up for a WorkStation account, you are asked to provide your first and last name. Each piece of work you submit is associated with this name. Internal OneSpace team members can see your provided name, which allows us to monitor your performance and communicate with you as needed. Unless otherwise specified, however, your name is not published alongside the work you do for OneSpace. Once your work is accepted, OneSpace and its client own the copyright, which means they can publish it freely without providing your name. If a client ever wants to surface your name alongside your work, we will ask your permission first.

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