OneSpace Fraud Alerts

OneSpace prides itself on providing freelancers a trusted way to find steady work while maintaining a flexible lifestyle. We are also committed to paying freelancers quickly by issuing daily payments for completed and approved work.

Sometimes, however, the trust and credibility we’ve worked very hard to establish are exploited by individuals not associated with the OneSpace brand.

Here are some general guidelines about how we operate and work with freelancers:

Recruitment: Occasionally, our Client Success team will post jobs to various job boards (like Craigslist or Upwork) to find specialized talent for OneSpace projects. When this type of engagement occurs, we always have our freelancers sign up for a OneSpace WorkStation account.

Payments: We will always issue payments to a verified PayPal account through WorkStation. No exceptions. If you are asked to consider a different arrangement, contact us at for confirmation.

Communication: OneSpace team members will always contact you by email, using an email address or through your WorkStation account. When in doubt, ask a team member to contact you by email to validate that they are an authorized representative of OneSpace.

Cost: There is no cost to become a freelancer with OneSpace. We will never ask for your bank account, credit card information or money orders. The only transactions that will take place are payments from OneSpace directly to your verified PayPal account.

Submission process: The work you complete is typically submitted via your WorkStation account. On occasion, we will ask freelancers to complete special projects and submit them via email to an account. We will never ask you to submit work via a third-party platform or through a third-party communication tool such as Skype.

If something seems “off” about a request, you can always contact us at with any questions or a request for validation.

Recent Scam Reports

May 16, 2017: Users are impersonating OneSpace team members by posting job listings on, and The job listings contain a link to a “contract” that has OneSpace in the URL and require work to be submitted through Skype. Once the work is submitted, the freelancer does not receive payment and the Skype user blocks them.

Reported aliases: Alan Bruce, Chris Schaffer
Reported Skype user ID: live:onespace2000

These job listings are fraudulent and are not associated with OneSpace. If you have fallen victim to this behavior, please report the user to the platform(s) that they interacted with you on.

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