Earning Qualifications

Be sure to watch this video for a step-by-step overview of how the Earn Qualifications page works.

What is a qualification?

Access to work on WorkStation is based on qualifications. In order to access a specific assignment, you must have the required qualification.

How do I earn qualifications?

Earn qualifications by taking assessments that gauge your skillset. You can view the full list of qualifications and access the assessments on the Earn Qualifications page of WorkStation. Some qualifications require you to take multiple assessments or earn prerequisite qualifications first.

What score do I need to pass an assessment?

Qualification Test Passing Score
Quality Assurance Specialist English Comprehension Test 90%
Senior Quality Assurance Specialist Senior Quality Assurance Specialist Test 90%
Junior Copy Writer Basic English Assessment 90%
Copy Writer Copy  Writer – Style Guide Assessment 90%
 Audio Transcriptionist  U.S. English Grammar Test  65%

How long does it take to get my assessment results?

You’ll receive the results for a majority of the multiple-choice assessments immediately after you submit the test. However, free-form assessments such as those for writing or transcription can take one to three business days to grade.

How can I see my results?

To view your assessment results for a particular qualification, simply click on the qualification title on the Earn Qualifications page:


From there, you can see details such as the date you submitted the test, your score, and whether or not you passed:

How many times can I retake an assessment?

If you fail an assessment, you have two additional chances to retake it. If you do not pass after your third attempt, you will permanently lose your access to that assessment.

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